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Renewal of Vows CEREMONY MUSIC
Tim Manger - Renewal of Vows Celebrant

Renewal of Vows Ceremony Music

Why have music at your ceremony?

Music is often one other defining elements at Vow Renewal ceremony, underpinning the importance and meaning of the event.

There is a range of considerations when selecting music, because the ceremony is actually divided into several distinct segments. Similar to the format of a traditional marriage ceremony,

Ceremony Music FormatCeremony Music Format

The music at a renewal of vows ceremony is similar in structure and format to a couple's original marriage ceremony. The selection of what will be played (and how), is more important than when it will be played, because renewal of vow ceremonies have a traditional structure and format.

The Prelude

This is the music that is played prior to the commencement of a ceremony, and is generally anticipatory, suspenseful, calming and subtle.


This is the music played as the bride is walking down the aisle, and is often noble or grand. Couples may choose to use the music from their original marriage ceremony.

Pronouncement of Marriage

Normally a couple would be signing the marriage register after the pronounce of marriage, however in a renewal of vows ceremony, there is no legal requirement to do this. As a result, a Celebrant may issue a certificate which the couple may sign. During this signing process, music may be played in order to maintain the celebratory atmosphere.


This is the music played as the couple leaves the ceremony. Traditionally, the music in this section should be grand and celebratory, and should also define the couple, their journey thus far, and their future hopes and dreams.


As the couple mingle with their guests after the ceremony, music can be played on order to reflect the event. The music can be either classical, popular, jazz, or any other music that defines the couple and the event.

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Tim Manger - Renewal of Vows Celebrant
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