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Tim Manger - Renewal of Vows Celebrant

Renewal of Vows Ceremony Readings

Why perform a reading?

Readings at a Vow Renewal or Reaffirmation Ceremony are similar to those at a traditional marriage ceremony.

Whilst there is no strict tradition with regard to who or what will be read, the difference is that couples may decide to use the readings from their original marriage ceremony. Of course, couples may also choose to select new readings

About Ceremony ReadingsAbout Ceremony Readings

The types of readings that can be read in a secular ceremony are vast, so you want to give careful consideration to who will perform a reading, and what will actually be read.

What to Read

The first consideration is what will be read. This may be a anything that is an extract of literary text, poetry, prose, song lyrics, even religious extracts are acceptable.

Readings should be poignant, thought provoking, and even event defining. There is an almost infinite library of literary works and extracts available, so you should be able to find something that can be used.

When to Read it

Traditionally, readings are performed before the exchange of vows (and exchange of ring) ceremony, and after the welcome (or optional monitum) by the Celebrant.

Whilst there is no strict tradition with regard to the placement of readings, performing the readings early in the ceremony is not only the more popular preference, but arguably contributes to the enhancement, intensity, and suspense of the main ceremonial exchange.

Who Should Read

The decision of whom should perform a reading is bi-fold, meaning that couples may select a family or friend to do a reading, or someone the couple knows may ask (or offer) to perform a reading. Often, the person (or persons), performing the reading will be an integral part of the couple's life or be someone that is of great importance (such as a sibling or spouse).

How Long to Read

Readings that are shorter in length, tend to be better received than those that drag-on for longer periods. This is possibly because texts are often selected for a singular message or symbolic metaphor, making longer texts excessively 'fluffy' (or long winded), and smaller texts more punchy.

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Tim P Manger (Celebrant)

Tim Manger - Renewal of Vows Celebrant
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