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Renewal of Vows Celebrant

Renewal of Vows Ceremony

What to expect at your Renewal of Vows Ceremony

A Renewal of vows ceremony is often a combination of a couple's original marriage ceremony, and a reaffirmation of commitment.

With a focus on reviewing their journey thus far, and an expectation of what the future may hold, couples often approach their renewal of vows ceremony as a way of assessing their relationship's success.


To commence your ceremony, it is common for music to be played, whilst the guests mingle in anticipation of the main event. This section of the ceremony is known as the Prelude, and is often a selection of either classical music or popular ballads.


When the bride arrives at the ceremony and begins her walk down the aisle, there is often music played to welcome her. The music played at this time is commonly referred to as the processional, and can anything from a popular Bridal March to anything that defines the bride, the couple, or the event.

The bride may choose to wear her eoroginal wedding dress (if it still fits), or may even choose to invest in a new dress for the ceremony. The couple may even choose to have bridal party, although often the budget allocated for a renewal of vows ceremony is less than the couples original marriage ceremony budget.

Welcome By CelebrantWelcome By Celebrant

The Celebrant will welcome the couple and guests to the ceremony, often telling a few anecdotes about the couple who are about to renew their vows. A Celebrant may also add a 'Welcome to Country' if the ceremony is to be held on public land.


After the welcome, the Celebrant may ask if anybody is performing a reading. Often with a renewal of vows ceremony, couples may choose to have readings from their original marriage ceremony. Readings may include poetry, prose, literary texts and song lyrics, and may be read by selected family or friends.

Exchange of VowsExchange of Vows

The vow exchange is one of the most poignant moments of the renewal ceremony, and differs from vows originally exchanged by the couple. This is because, a renewal of vows ceremony is not legally binding, so the vows may be just about anything the couple chooses.

Exchange of RingsExchange of Rings

Similar to their original marriage ceremony, the couple may choose to exchange rings. The exchange can 2 new rings, or even the exchange of the original rings. Once gain, the couple may choose to say a few words during the ring exchange, in order to give the ritual more meaning.

Traditional RitualsTraditional Rituals

After the exchange of rings, the couple may choose to include a ritual in their ceremony. Rituals can basically anything from a butterfly release, dove release, or hand fasting, to a sand ceremony, warming of the rings, or unity candle ceremony plus more.

Rituals are designed to symolise love, hope, unity and the joining of 2 lives going forward.

Pronouncement of MarriagePronouncement of Marriage

At the conclusion of he ceremony, the Celebrant will announce the couple to be married (even though they are already legally married). This is done tin order to bring the ceremony to a conclusion, and to signify the commitment as witnesses by the guests, family and friends.

Because of the non-legally binding nature of a reaffirmation ceremony, there is no signing of the marriage register. However, a Celebrant may choose to issue a commemorative certificate to the couple, as a reminder of the vows exchanged. The couple may choose to sign the certificate, and select either family or friends (including children who are not of legal age), to witness the signing.


At the conclusion of he ceremony...

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