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Renewal of Vows Rituals

A Look at Renewal of Vows Ceremony Rituals

Rituals are symbols and metaphors designed to represent life, love, unity, and a new beginning or start. Often, couples can create their own rituals, or modify, customise, personalise, or re-shape existing rituals.

By incorporating rituals into your ceremony, you will be able to greatly enhance it's meaning, and it's overall impact. There is a range of secular rituals that you may want to use, Tim has a look at several of these below.

Rituals in BriefRituals in Brief

Sand Ceremony

The sand ceremony is a ritual that involves several people, primarily the couple renewing their vows and either a close friend or family member (or several friends or family members).

The idea of this ritual is to place a large glass container, bowl or vase at a point central during the ceremony, so that your guests can witness the process. The persons involved in the sand ceremony will then each take smaller vases, filled with a variety of coloured sand (each smaller vase will have a single coloured sand only).

Each person will then take it in turns at pouring their coloured sand into the large central vase or container. The idea is, that the persons pouring the sand will fluctuate their pouring to allow others (with different coloured sand) to contribute to the pouring.

As the central vase is slowly filled with sand, you will notice distinct layers and colours. These layers and colours not only represent the contribution that each person has made to the central vase, but symbolises each persons intended contribution and support for the couple (and their ongoing relationship) renewing their vows.

Warming of the Rings Ceremony

This ceremonial ritual involves both the couple renewing their vows, and often either close family members or guests.

The idea of this ritual, is to pass the rings (that will be exchange by the couple), to either family members or guests (or both). As the rings are received by each family member or guest, there is a pause whilst the person receiving the ring holds it close to their heart. During this pause, the ring is filled with the warmth and love of the incumbent, and then passed on to the next person, and son on.

When the rings are finally returned to the couple renewing their vows, the rings are filled with the warm wishes and hopes of any persons involved in the ritual.

Hand Fasting Ceremony

Butterfly or Dove Release

Unity Candle Ceremony

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